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  • "My wife and I had an opportunity to purchase a business at a great price, we started the SBA process and after 2 months the seller was going to put the business back on the market. We couldn't let that happen. Thanks to Global Finance, we got the loan we needed at a great rate and we are now small business owners!"

Aris Hermanto   INDONESIA


  •  “Even though no money is made from advising me to reprice with my existing bank, the loan Advisor still acts in my best interest and advises me to do so. I am pleasantly surprised that such unbiased, customer-first advise is so freely given."                                 

‚ÄčMary Sander USA

  • “Fast, easy, professional and great rates. It couldn’t have been a smoother process. I was initially scared to make the payment of the upfront fee but took a leap of fate to pay it. today i am happy i did. THANK YOU GLOBAL FINANCE”


Rübel Hoffman   GERMANY


  • “I didn't think shortlisting a housing loan can be that easy. Just 3 simple steps and the list of best packages is generated. Absolutely fantastic! I recommend Global Finance for you"                                                                                                                                                                                       

Mariana Grava LITHUANIA

  • “I would have saved so much time and money if only I knew of my housing loan sooner. Well done!"                                                    


   Segun Faniran NIGERIA 

  • "Honestly, I was scared to make an upfront payment due to my past experiences with fake lender. But to my surprise I received a notification from my bank that my account has been credited. An invaluable service to those who have no time to bank-shop!" 

                                    Chebli Kurt TURKEY

  • "A worry-free experience as I had the loan rates from all the banks at my fingertips, plus top-notch advice on which package would work best for my needs. Saves my time too, as it meant I didn't have to burn my lunch hours and Saturday mornings visiting different banks to compare their various packages." 

                                 Gabriela Dinu ROMANIA

  • “I am extremely pleased with your service and your suggestions have helped me get a very good home loan deal. I would be pleased to recommend your services to my friends and anyone who is in need of a loan. Thank you Global Finance!”.          

                                                                                                  Bruce Coleman LONDON